Getting Started Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Q) Where is the Farm/Inn/Whatever

A) With no HUD descriptions of locations this can be annoying. Here is the map for reference.

Q) I keep dropping the wrong attachment, how do I control it?

A) You can use the G key to cycle through attachments. On double trailers or hinged trailers, this is quite important to note.

Q) How do I transfer money in multiplayer?

A) Money transfers can be handled by the L key, however before doing that you must specify the 

Q) Why cant I hire more workers?

A) The game limits the number of concurrent workers you can hire to 8. However, on multiplayer maps, this is scaled by two things 1) when the multiplayer game is created you are asked what is your modem speed, this will limit the amount of workers you have 2) in-game performance under extreme conditions/bandwidth bottlenecks can cause the amount of workers you can hire to be reduced.

Q) What is the key for xxx?

A) You can view the default key bindings here . Also, you can save your game, and alter these bindings from the main option menu.

Q) What are the steps I need to begin making my own crops?

A) You can find a general overview on the Crop Process page.

Q) How do I cheat?

A) Altering your money is an easy way, but you can work with mods to cheat, or create a better game balance as your wishes take you. View the modding page to get you started on either.